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About Intellitix

Intellitix is the leading provider of event management technology solutions to the world's largest conventiontions, live performance and sport events.


Industry: Software, Entertainment

Services: Team Augmentation

Technologies: Vue.js, JavaScript


Critical team member shortage

Intellitix encountered a talent shortage while preparing to launch a number of important product updates to their flagship application. With fast approaching deadlines and shifting market conditions, the team needed to bring on consultants who could hit the ground running by acquiring an immediate comprehension of Intellitix’s infrastructure, processes and most pressing issues.


Supplement team with the best-suited developers

After analyzing the situation at hand, we turned to our pool of consultants and selected the experts whose experience best fit the demands of the project. Our team worked alongside the client’s team to expedite missing features, troubleshoot, fix bugs, and insure an on-time product deployment.


3 days

from client request to the beginning of the engagement.



project delivered according to predetermined milestones.



project delivered at predetermined cost.

What our clients have to say

“Having worked with Netpulsion team in the past, it was an easy decision to bring them in as a technical resource. Their effort and skill was of a great help during the transition process of the Intellitix core development team that worked under pressure to deliver new release of our flagship product.”

Zhelko Dimic, Vice president of Engineering, Intellitix