Insights mobile application

Providing stadium event organizers with on-demand insight into attendance and sales information.


About AudienceView

The AudienceView portfolio of software and media solutions fuels engagement, ticket sales and audience development for theater, sports, music, comedy and festivals in 16 countries around the world.


Service: Team augmentation

Industry: Software, Entertainment

Technologies: React Native, D3.js, ASP, Objective-C / Swift


Team member shortage on tight deadline

AudienceView sought to release new reporting tools that would help their customers’ decision-making process. A talent shortage and strict timeline required the client to staff additional developers whose specialized skill sets would augment their teams’ productivity and meet some very tight deadlines.


Hitting milestones with help of qualified developers

After learning about the specific needs of the two understaffed projects, Netpulsion selected developers with the requisite abilities they could fold into the two multifunctional teams. The first team worked toward the initial release of the mobile Insights app, while the second improved both their core management software, AV Enterprise, and the ticket barcode scanner application. Both projects were completed and launched on time.


3 team members

on site within 2 days of request.


2400 hours

of productivity added.


180+ tickets


What our clients have to say

“Netpulsion team was an important technical resource in support of our development efforts. They haven proven to be a versatile group that can adapt to challenging requirements and deliver consistently.”

Zhelko Dimic, VP of Engineering, AudienceView